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It's time for the Premier to stand up for Albertan's rights!

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Premier Kenney and All UCP MLAs,

It is with great dismay that I have been observing your negligence over the matter of innocent Albertans being detained at the Calgary airport by federal mandate. I consider this activity to be nothing short of legalized kidnapping.

As you should be aware, under the unprecedented and outrageous order of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Albertans returning home from international destinations are being detained and quarantined against their will and at a great personal and financial cost to them. Your defense of this grave activity is reprehensible and an affront to Albertans.

Reports indicate the ‘officials’ in charge of this fiasco are not properly identifying themselves or allowing family members to contact or even know where their loved ones are being taken as they are hauled away.

It has also been reported that ‘private contractors’ are being used as the enforcement goons who are trampling the rights of these innocent Albertans, and it is unacceptable that you have not challenged and put a stop to this activity. Furthermore, you should immediately announce that any such ‘private contractors’ will be arrested and charged by Alberta Sheriff officers as soon as these so-called federal agents leave the airport grounds.

To state that there is nothing you can do or that this is a federal issue is wrong. Healthcare is a provincial responsibility; you need to take charge with focused protection where needed and remove the province-wide lockdown. Either you aggressively stand up for the rights of Albertans and tell the federal government to cease and desist, or you should resign, and we can find a leader who will.




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