It’s time to fight for Alberta!

The Wildrose Independence Party will:

Prioritize Healthcare and Education

to ensure that Albertans and their families will receive the best care and education possible. We will work to make Alberta the best place to live, work and raise a family in the world.

Put the interests of individual Albertans first

by offering voters an accountable, principle-based government that will enshrine individual freedoms, rights, and responsibilities in an Alberta Constitution with voter recall.

Create the Alberta Revenue Agency

and collect all taxes to ensure they are prudently used for Albertans, and not for Ottawa to buy votes elsewhere in Canada or to squander across the globe.

Put our house in order by taking all the steps necessary for independence

including Alberta’s own Police Force, Pension Plan, Employment Insurance Plan, Immigration Policy and an Environmental Act that overrides any federal interference.

Deliver an honest referendum on independence!

Albertans, not politicians, will choose if Alberta becomes an independent free nation or remains in Canada.

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