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New Wildrose Independence Board of Directors

January 25, 2021

This Saturday the Wildrose Independence Party Founding AGM was held online.  A proposed set of by-laws and guiding policies were approved by the members, and a new Board of Directors was also elected. On Sunday an organizational meeting of the elected Board of Directors was held, and we are pleased to share the new Board positions moving forward:

Alberta Board of Directors

President, Rick Northey

Vice President of Membership, Chad Miller

Vice President of Policy and Governance, Dennis Modry

Vice President of Fundraising, James Goransrud

Vice President of Communications, Paul Mitchell

Treasurer, Kathy Flett

Regional Directors

Southern Alberta: Bob Lefurgey and Kelly Williamson

Calgary: Zuzana Janos den Boer and Robert Patterson

Central Alberta: Wes Caldwell and Shane Walper

Edmonton: Sonny Batra and Gurcharan Garcha

Northern Alberta: Paul Gullackson and Mitchell Visser

All elected Board of Directors Members are grateful to the Wildrose Independence Party membership and look forward to fighting for all Albertans and pursuing the principles and goals that our membership have passed.

The approved by-laws and Policy and Governance document will chart the path forward for Wildrose on its march to form the next Government of Alberta. To read these documents, you will find them at the following links:



“It was exciting to see a 99% approval of the policies and I look forward to working with the Board and all Wildrose members in sharing these policies with Albertans to secure a bright future for our children and grandchildren”, said Interim Wildrose Leader Paul Hinman.

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