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Poll Shows Wildrose Independence Party Surging Across Alberta

Friday January 9, 2021

CALGARY, AB: A new Mainstreet Poll commissioned by the Western Standard and released today shows that the Wildrose Independence Party is an emerging contender which can break Alberta’s existing two-party system.

The poll shows modest growth in support for the NDP to 41%, collapsing support for the UCP at 26%, and Wildrose bursting into the ring with 9%. 16% were undecided.

Details of the poll also show the Wildrose Independence Party is picking up its support from across the political spectrum.

With even higher concentrated support outside of Alberta’s two major cities, Wildrose is poised to win seats in its first election.

Right now, we are on track to win seats in rural areas, but we’re rapidly building to earn the trust of Albertans in every constituency across Alberta,” said Wildrose Interim Leader Paul Hinman.

Hinman continued, “Albertans know they need a party that puts Alberta first, not one that colludes with Ottawa. The UCP and NDP are poised to lose their duopoly on power as we continue to build and earn the trust of Albertans.”

For more information or to speak with Paul Hinman, please contact:

Phone: 1-888-262-1888


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